Tom’s vintage prints

Vintage prints can add a touch of magic to your art collection and decor

My vintage prints are mainly book-plate illustrations published and printed between 1880 and 1950. They are not modern reproductions.

Each print is laid to card with a hand cut ivory/near white mount sized to suit common frame sizes. I supply a label with each print identifying the date of publication, artist/illustrator, title and age.

Vintage print portfolios

Beautiful Britain as illustrated by some of the best landscape artists of the early 20th century

Book-plate prints of Matisse paintings published and printed in 1939

Book plate prints from ‘Black Beauty’ by Lucy Kemp-Welch printed and published in 1915


A few 1930’s book-plates by British artist and illustrator Honor C Appleton

Lewis Baumer’s illustrations for ‘Vanity Fair’ printed and published in 1910

old cries of London by Raphael Nelson book plates printed and published in 1941

Illustrations from ‘The Prize’ printed in 1903